B1GJuice Shows Optimism In The Face Of Adversity With New Single ‘WINDOWS’

In these hard times it is hard to stay positive and remain calm, yet artists far and wide are using this situation as fuel to create their best music yet. This is the case with flowsfordays favorite B1GJuice on his latest track WINDOWS. I became familiar with the Canadian emcee back in April of 2019, positing an artist spotlight and subsequently, his next few releases. This man has a heart of gold, unafraid to share his vulnerabilities and uplifting nature. In whatever medium, B1G wears his heart on his sleeve, and makes sure any project, video, and single is noteworthy,

WINDOWS is his first single of 2020 with a mission to bring light into the world as we deal with our current situation. Backed by sampled production with a mixture of nimble percussion and light-hearted piano scales, B1GJuice voices his desire to stay genuine and purposeful through doubt, adversity, and human emotion.

As he states on the track’s SoundCloud bio “Our current times are cloudy and uncertain. We must face them with patience, endurance, and optimism. Even the caged bird must sing.” In the midst of turmoil and confusion, Juice has found a way to dig deep (literally in the crates) and provide the people with some clarity.

Stream his debut EP here–>  ‘SEARCHING.zip’ 


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