flowsfordays’ Artist To Watch: B1GJuice

Press releases often share the backstories of artists in hopes of better explaining their music. Unfortunately the information can be vague or irrelevant to the submission at hand. This was not the case when I received B1GJuice’s music video to his new single CHANDELIERS. The former NCAA football player from the outskirts of Ontario found himself diagnosed with an incurable heart disease that ended his career. With his dreams shattered, B1G started to make music in 2013 as a way to turn his pain into music. Through hard work and perseverance, B1G began to make a name for himself throughout Canada. Word spread, and now B1G is recognized worldwide.

CHANDELIERS is best described as the mission statement B1G continues to live out through his music. His bars are the purest of pure; relaxed, fluid, and honest to a T. B1GJuice had a hand in the sinister visual along with Samureye Films; portraying his  journey from rags to riches through a collage of intriguing cinematic snapshots. B1G moves in and out of Dawm’s drunken drum and bass with an abundance of wordplay, scattering vocals, and an underlining message to people of all walks of life:

“Everyone has an idea or vision for your future when they see your potential, but no one has the ability to experience the pain you endured to get to that point. Make your own path; Create your own vision. Only then, will you truly reach success.” – B1G Juice

Stream CHANDELIERS on your favorite platform here.


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