Rec Riddles Shows Artistic Genius on Latest Music Video ‘More Dead Bodies’

St. Louis based hip hop artist Rec Riddles is a precious gem that the likes of hip hop sometimes, but rarely sees. He is a master of his craft with a lyrical sword as sharp as a machete. Rec is not only a rapper but a producer and director. The man has paved a lane all his own, staying true to his roots and innovative qualities. 

Rec’s latest visual to More Dead Bodies is an eerie release given the sickness and death that is permeating the world. Rest assured he’s not endorsing it, stating early on, and repeatedly, that he keeps seeing dead bodies in his mind. His only request before watching the self-directed, self-produced visual is to ‘Relax your mind, let your conscious be free.’ 

His passionate delivery and ease on camera is centerfold in More Dead Bodies, waxing poetic over graffiti, angelic statues, and actual graves. Digesting Rec’s themes, metaphors, and subject matter is not an easy task, but well worth it. Sometimes he’s paranoid, other times braggadocios, and more often than not, vulnerable. Everything is high definition from the actual music video to the world Rec brings us into. 


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