If You Were Wondering About Sivion’s Whereabouts, Relax. He’s Good. (New Track and Review)

With all of the tragedy befalling the world, and news headlines hitting every orifice of social media and the web, it is difficult to imagine life getting better any time soon. While many of us are stuck in our homes with schools, restaurants, bars, and the like closed, we’ll always have music to get us through the worst of times. Not all hip hop these days has a positive outlook, and I can’t blame the artists for making such music. But, if there is one label that would buck the trend, that would see light in darkness, it would be ILLECT Recordings.

I’ve shared their music and written about their genius for years now, but I am most impressed with their musical resilience in the reality we now live in. One of many incredible artists on their roster, Sivion, just dropped a song that not only sounds great, but is titled I’m Good. Sivion is one of the most gifted rappers I’ve heard in quite some time. ILLECT calls him ‘a jedi that brings clarity to chaos’ – and with one stream of the Tee-Wyla produced cut, you’ll understand why they make such a grandiose claim.

Sivion has bars for days, but instead of bland positivity remarks, he brings forth confidence, personality, and a unique way of sharing his mindstate. He speaks on how nerdy he thinks he is with references to glasses and pocket protectors, shouts out God, describes how his team is winning, and lyrically runs circles with metaphors, similes, wit, and a beautifully executed flow. The chorus may be simple, but it’s a heartwarming display of how comfortable Sivion is in our current landscape.

Not only does Sivion wreck it on the mic, Imperial comes through towards the end of the track with high class scratches that only the true hip hop heads will appreciate. These 3 have not, and will not, stop making music that will guide us through this indefinite worldwide spell of doubt and fear.

Stream on all platforms here.


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