I was introduced to Portland artist 3AM in August of last year through his music video to Hot Shit, a mosh pit worthy record. The energetic, trap fused song sincerely impressed me and I immediately hoped a full length would drop soon. Luckily for me, it has arrived in the form of the Misunderstood EP. Each track has its own appeal – aggressive bangers, brags and boasts, and reality rap that touches upon his own life. His incarcerated friend/MC 3WayHeff stands as the only feature, rapping through the phone on the intro to set the tone for the rest of the project.

The production stands out immediately. The EP was executive produced by David Ferguson aka Portland Kid and features beats from long-time collaborators Plivbeats and Azarelbeat. Cinematic, dark, aesthetically pleasing…the Misunderstood EP is everything you need to witness the staying power of 3AM who has no plans of slowing down. Be sure to check out my favorites: Clout, Still Trapping, and Finesse. 


His most streamed track, Pray 4, also received the visual treatment which you can peep below:

Stream the Misunderstood EP on all platforms here.