Neak and Since9ine6ix Drop The Most Impressive Track I’ve Heard All Year In ‘AbstracT’

Neak and Since9ine6ix’s pen game is as sharp as a sword. Their latest collaborative piece, AbstracT, is the most impressive track I’ve heard this year. Why? One play, and you’ll understand exactly why I feel this way. A Q-Tip sampled chorus divides up two heart palpating, dynamic verses from each artist that take their lyrics beyond seriously. If you stream the track from Bandcamp, you can read each verse. They dig into the depths of their soul to release the most poetic of bars.

Since9ine6ix’s strong suit is his flow and poetic stance, moving in and out of the instrumental pockets with flair. He paves his own lane in a time when copycats steal as much as they can from the most popular of artists. I wish I could include the full verse – but here is just a sample of what he brings to the table:

Maneuver like uber moving through traffic, Pursue the loot and I stash it, Usually in the mattress, Used to eluding casket, Be damned if I hit the canvas, The plan was to take advantage but managed to take for granted, Damage I couldn’t bandage, Abandoned what I was branding, The ammo to shoot the shot and two hands to handle the cannon, Famished, Then get a load of me, Notably, On the lower key, On it until they over me, Flow as deep as the poetry, Hopefully, Wake up to smell the Folgers and the potpourri…

Neak adds just as much potency to AbstracT, spreading social awareness while using metaphors and similes to claim his post on the throne. He also produced the funky, beautifully sampled record. Peep an excerpt below:

destined for a poster, in Post Trump, millionaire screaming off the boats what, can’t tell me nothing when the bread bolster, flip the crumbs, thumb pressing for the Wonder (bread/money) …..blind to the blunder….no mistakes for a King on this tundra …..chilling on these curtains, what’s the outcome?

I cannot recommend adding, buying, and streaming AbstracT enough. You will be blown away. You will dive deep into the content. You will reflect. And more so, you will feel a breath of fresh air in this cluttered hip hop climate.

This record is also available on all major streaming platforms here.


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