Chicago Staples Philmore Green & Neak Link For Soul Chopping Track ‘The Gift’

Philmore Green & Neak are well-respected staples in the Chicago hip hop scene…and for good reason. They make music that truly encapsulates the roots of the genre. Their latest collab, The Gift, lives up to its title. Neak had this to say about the song:

Chopping up soul records has always super fresh to me, and we decided to exchange dope reflective rhymes in the process; speaking on where it all started for us individually as MC’s to where we’re going for our futures!

The Gift is dusty, gritty, and full of extremely chopped up soul samples. Neak perfected the instrumental, fueled by expertise and passion. He not only created the beat; he raps alongside Philmore. Both have a unique writing style, but their ability to bare their souls and display insane wordplay stays the same.

In 2019, Philmore Greene released “Chicago: A Third World City” produced by Chicago producer/artist Rashid Hadee. As a result, Philly and Hadee toured with Brooklyn Hip-Hop star Skyzoo for his latest album Retropolitan. 

Neak’s self-produced album KWESBAAR, executive produced by Rashid Hadee, was featured as one of the best hip-hop albums of 2019 from many various sources such as HHGAGBC, and more.

Stream on your favorite platform here.


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