medna’s new EP, ‘BAD HIGH’ Is Exploration At Its Finest

BAD HIGH, from 23-year-old rapper medna, is a perplex, cloudy, vibe heavy EP. Through aggressive and claustrophobic vocal patterns and all-encompassing production, he captures what it feels like to be trapped in life. BAD HIGH ultimately explores what it means to look deeper inside no matter how much darkness you may find. Although medna portrays sadness and depression on the EP, he is incredibly insightful on what it will take to get out of these states of mind.

BAD HIGH is a work of art, akin in some ways to Earl Sweatshirt’s last two projects Some Rap Songs and Feet of ClayWhile the project is experimental, you will relate to his various demons, confusion of life, and ultimate outlook on his future. Keep an open mind, and you may realize how genius BAD HIGH is.

Stream on your favorite platform here. 


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