Tony Driver Tackles Stereotypes On Exceptional Track ‘Men Don’t Cry’

Tony Driver has brought me to tears this morning. He released Men Don’t Cry at the top of January, but it would be a disservice to my followers to not share it. Tony told me “The song is about getting what you need to do done while facing whatever problems you’re going through in life, and how things will work out in the end.” An apt synopsis of a song that will pull at your heart-strings and evoke memories and emotions of your own.

Tony displays bravery as he tackles the unfair stereotype that ‘real men’ can’t share sadness and pain. The passionate emcee has lost friends, questioned himself and his career, but stays confident in his music. He knows that writing and recording is a necessary therapeutic process that he’ll never give up on. You may anticipate a plethora of lyrics and raw production, but Tony takes the opposite approach – gliding through downtempo, bare-bones instrumentation with poetic musings that scream replayability.

Stream on all outlets here.


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