Cassius Tae Drops His Most Progressive Body Of Work Yet With The ‘Come Autumn’ EP

If there’s one artist I can count on to deliver a strong body of work, it is Cassius Tae. The man has been putting in work for years, and I’ve covered him quite a bit since the inception of flowsfordays.

I was overjoyed to learn that Cassius released an EP titled Come Autumn – his most diverse and progressive body of work yet. In just 7 tracks Cassius lays out his hopes, dreams, sorrow, pain, (among other reflections) – all encapsulated in artistic production that only furthers his cause.

While his hit single 5th Night on The Block continues to bump, there are more mellow, complex, slow rolling tracks that feature melodic singing, impressive choruses, abstract themes, and lyrical expressionism. Not only is Come Autumn an impressive composition – it is Cassius at his most contemplative and whip smart. This is a piece that must be digested with the utmost of care and attention.

Add to Apple Music here.


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