Savage G Re-Starts His Career With A Bang In Comeback Track ‘Cuban Link’

It’s been almost 2 years since I’ve heard from Savage G. It’s too bad because when he was active I posted a lot of his music (peep here.)  I’ve always enjoyed his unique take on the fast-paced Cali sound – murdering beats, pushing catchy hooks, and touching upon a plethora of topics.

His comeback track, Cuban Link, is a true banger. In the first half of the track you’ll hear Savage moving back and forth with ease over the KILLER 8mc instrumental. His chorus structure may be simple, but the adrenaline boost is greatly appreciated. Just when you think Cuban Links will be his only topic of choice, a lull comes in, building Savage’s quintessential fast-paced flow that quickly brings you into his world.

Savage’s confidence is not only back, but it’s also better than ever. His handle over records is remarkable, and at this point in his career, he can do whatever he wants.


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