flowsfordays Co-Sign: Two Time$ ‘2 Cocky’ (New Track)



18-year-old Chicago native Two Time$ has garnered an impressive amount of plays in the small amount of time he’s put out music. He has a penchant for bare-bones production followed by dense, invigorating lyrics. His latest track, 2 Cocky, is his best performance yet, showing strong signs of a promising and prosperous career. Over a sparse and often melodic beat (produced by Eazy) Two Time$ spits game with an ominous voice and an untouched flow. Most impressive is the chorus; simple and catchy with a high replay value Time$ also shares a bit of vulnerability, expressing that his girl thinks he’s a little too into himself. This sentiment isn’t totally off bounds – his progression in such a short amount of time is admirable.

According to Two Time$, his Purple Phase EP is coming soon.


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