An Open Letter to Musa Reems Who Exceeded Expectations On ‘To Whom It May Concern’

Musa Musa. How you’ve blessed us in the course of your career. Year after year we receive incredible projects, singles, EP’s, visuals, and collaborative efforts. We’ve come to know you as the hardest of workers with a penchant for pushing yourself into new territory; providing diverse content that can hit the heart of any music fan.

Your buzz has built throughout the communities of Chicago, and your music has hit blogs, websites, and playlists that have only furthered your movement. You had a listening party last week for, as I’ve continued to claim, the most important project of your career – To Whom It May Concern.

The title track which starts off the album is your most impressive song to date. You’ve learned the ins and outs of the music industry, and instead of expressing that anger sonically, you run whirlwinds around the Madlib-Esq beat with lyrical proclamations that say you’re just not with it.

An interlude follows that both touches on friends that never made it, and a frustration that is symbiotic with newfound success. You lay it all out on the table through a short, but potent chorus, ‘I’m tired of people acting like they’ve been cool with me…’

Zombies hit the airwaves weeks ago but sounds even better as the third track of your EP. The one-two punch from both Mick Jenkins and yourself is a contender for one of the best songs of the year.

But it is the closing track that brought me to tears. I’ve been friends with you for a very long time and have covered your music since the inception of FFD. You are a great guy. Personable, kind, and well-composed. It is on Best Regards that I felt and heard and learned about a part of you that you rarely show. Over an absolutely sinister instrumental provided by AG beats, you share the deepest parts of you and your past. Bank checks have bounced, anxiety has sprung up, you have watched your friends become criminals and ask where the hell you’ve been. Emotions creep up in your voice as you proclaim that you’ve been here all along. In your environment, you made the important decision to strive for good rather than evil. You are beginning to find yourself.

You’ve done good Musa. And I am so proud of you. We are family for life.


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