Sqreeb Makes A Connection Between Canada and the U.S On Instrumental Project ‘Cross The Border’

Sqreeb is all you could want in a modern-day hip hop producer. The Montreal native cuts-up samples in the vein of pioneer beatsmiths such as DJ Premier but uses elements of this generation’s digitalized programming such as Pro Tools and Fruity Loops.

All of this is to say that his September full length, Cross The Border, is him at his very best. Cross The Border focuses on the Canadian to U.S. Hip-Hop connection, with an extensive roster such as Wordsworth, Frank Nitt, M-Dot, Kore, Mayhem, Revalation, & many others. It is clear that the talent is equally distributed, but few could pull this off without the backing of a creative mind such as Sqreep himself.

You’ll find soulful cuts, grit your teeth boom bap, nostalgic musings, ambient wonderlands,  and surprises around every turn. If you decide to limit yourself to one track – pick Split That Shit with verses from Matlock, Woodman, and Meta-P. 


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