Nomis & Producer KDaGreat Make Magic on Mind-Blowing New Track ‘Atlas’

A few months ago, California’s own Nomis participated in a cypher with an overflow of talented emcees. Each artist rhymed like it was their last breaths, and I was impressed, to say the least. Big thanks to Joe Ayinde, J. Crum, Nomis, Czar Josh, Thomas Iannucci and Shiwan for giving me something new to add to my Apple Music library.

Nomis’ contribution was a highlight on Open Season, and apparently part 1 of his Least of Green series. We’ve finally received Part 2 in the form of Atlas. His PR assured me that the song ‘will give you the same feeling you had when you heard Just Blaze for the first time.’ Strong statements come a dime a dozen, but they rarely live up to expectations. This did, and then some.

Producer KDaGreat blew my fucking mind on this joint. The instrumental is inspired by Blaze, but K is far from a copycat. It is cinematic, beautiful, and all-encompassing, working as a celebration of hip hop. Nomis declares he’s a product of the ’90s and grew up on legendary rappers and producers. His development as a husband and father are just as important to him, still living in his hometown of Oceanside.

Look out for part 3 of the Least Of Green series, hopefully coming soon.


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