‘No Effort’ – T Da GMB & Steve da MLB’s New Single to Roll Up To

No Effort, the new single from T da GMB and Steve da MLBi, s a great song for everyone who missed bars in their hip-hop. The track is one of many recently coming from the Kansas City natives residing in Vegas. With a joint project on the way, Steve and T have clearly developed their sound into a polished and smooth experience for the listener completely layered with inspired wordplay: Absolutely perfect to roll up to. The song’s mix keeps the vibe right throughout the whole session. Shout out to the engineer, King Gas of Diphrent Empire Studios out in Northtown, LV and the track’s producer Pyrobeats.

The song provides an old-school sound with a whole new class of lyricism. With a hook that glides over the track and gets you want to pull up with your “J’s on in a KC hat” even if you’re a Chargers fan. T da GMB stacks his verse with metaphors and Steve does the same, matching that same energy. There isn’t an article long enough to explain how much I missed rap verses like this, but listening to “No Effort” might help you understand that lyricism will always rise from the ashes.

Steve and T’s new project is going to be a fun one to listen to with a blunt in hand. Their sound is reminiscent of a simpler time, when a rapper’s bars were the focal point of the project. The rappers have taken many by surprise with their rapid come-up and have proven to drop continuous heat in the Las Vegas Valley. Catch up with their music on Apple Music and Spotify and check out their music video for another cut, Ready (that that they were cool enough to let me have a cameo in).

Stream on Apple Music


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