Sareem Poems’ Takes A Nostalgic Trip Back To His Hip Hop Childhood

Illect Recordings is at it again, hosting Sareem Poems’ latest single Kick’n It. Sareem was once a student of hip hop, and while he continues to sharpen his pen and evolve, he is leaps and bounds ahead of the youngins of the SoundCloud universe. Kick’n It is an ideal representation of Sareem’s introduction to the genre as a young kid, referencing Run DMC (‘everyone copped that shit’) Rakim (‘no half stepping – long live the Kane’), and even dookie gold chains. He fills the funky Newselph instrumental to the brim with clever punchlines, brilliant lyricism, and a showcase of the skills he’s soaked up within that framework. Even the chorus holds weight as Sareem pays homage to A Tribe Called Quest (‘can I kick it?’ I ain’t asking for permission.’)  

This is grown folks music, and even if Generation Z has no idea what Sareem is talking about, this might just spark their investigation of the aforementioned artists. At the very least, we can all appreciate Sareem’s entertaining storytelling, true hip hop prowess, and ability to rhyme like the greats before him. Sareem is a direct descendant of every emcee he mentions. As the legendary Chicago artist Common once said, ‘My life is one big rhyme, I try to scheme through it.’

Stream on Apple Music here. 

Stream on Spotify here. 


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