Carlito Drops The Second Installment Of His #Lito12for12 Campaign

A month ago aspiring Chicago hip hop artist Carlito dropped Rolling, the first in his monthly series #Lito12for12. The second installation has arisen in Zoo, an accurate representation of Carlito’s multi-faceted artistry. The instrumental is minimal, leaving Lito to expound on the concept that is the name of the track. Lions, tigers, and bears are found everywhere in the world while living as a young black man, and while Lito shares these struggles, he also portrays a strong resilience and power within himself. Zoo is quite different from Rolling in his stutter step flow and idiosyncratic expression of the topic at hand.

Don’t fret, Carlito still shows his knack for making a hard-hitting hip hop track that is easy to playback.

Stream on your favorite platform here.


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