Gaby Rose Bravely Pens A Message To Her Baby Daddy On Remarkable Debut Single ‘Open Letter’

Equal parts poem, story, spoken work, and short film, up and comer Gaby Rose has delighted with her debut single Open Letter. She displays her remarkable multi-faceted strenghts as a vocalist, rhymer, and, most evidently, songwriter. I can’t imagine Gaby penning this track to please the public. This story is unfortunately true. Open Letter may be the only way to share her thoughts with her ironically childish baby daddy.

Gaby dedicates Open Letter ‘to all the mothers, single mothers, baby mamas, baby mama mamas, mamas…’ who, like her, are forced to accept that her baby will not have a supportive father. Gaby connects the dots between her baby daddy growing up without a father, and the strength of his mother who had to raise him on her own.

Gaby has no doubts she will make it on her own, but is scared her baby daddy won’t pick up the phone to share special moments with them both. She glides in a single stream over piano laced production by Grizzlybeatz, downtempo enough to use her voice as the main instrument. The chorus is a sad, yet beautifully sung, realization – “I guess I’m the man now.” Gaby is one of the most promising Chicago artists I’ve heard all year. Expect great things.


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