This new Picclo joint was the very first track in my submissions box that I lent an ear to this morning, and it has been on repeat ever since.

Can’t Let You Go” is the lead single off of Picclo’s “The Cookout” project, which is slated to drop on July 9.

The D-Sharp produced instrumental is spacey and chill. It also carries a lot of nostalgic elements as it sounds like a mixture of west coast hip-hop mixed with 90’s R&B. It is perfect for a summer barbecue or a long cruise down Lake Shore Drive on a sunny summer day.

Despite the light-hearted feel of the instrumental, the lyrics take on a tone that is a shade or two darker. Picclo goes into detail about a past lover he wants to rekindle a relationship with, owning up to past mistakes. His rhymes are heartfelt and poetic as he delivers his bars in a somber tone.

Rene drops in to provide a heartfelt guest appearance, as his hook oozes of passion and heartache.

This is my first encounter with Picclo’s music. but “Can’t Let You Go” surely has me paying attention. This new track is now available on all platforms, and you can stream on Spotify by hitting the link up above.