ILLECT Recordings Newest Signee Rel McCoy Proves His Worth Once Again on Second Offering ‘Call of the Times’

If ILLECT Recordings signs a new artist they most likely have unlimited talent and potential. The label and their subsequent emcee’s are all about the music and stray away from politics and drama. Illect has been around since 2003, and the fact that they are still in business and working just as hard is a testament to their flexibility and execution of the always fluctuating music business. Yes, digital streaming services have taken over, but the team pressed and continues to press vinyl and cassettes way before it saw a spike in sales.

Their latest signee, Toronto based emcee/producer Rel McCoy, is another strong addition to the ILLECT roster. His second offering on the label, Call of the Times, is an abstract piece laced with an off-kilter flow, multi-syllable prose, and a left of center futuristic beat. Although his concepts and delivery are complex, he tares through the funk inspired instrumental with ease.

Rel has just scratched the surface of what he can accomplish on Illect, and with their backing and support, the sky is the limit.


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