Ajani Jones Paints Vivid Pictures On “Pluto”

I don’t know of many other MC’s in Chicago these days who is making moves quite like Ajani Jones is.

He recently dropped an absolute gem of a single entitled “Under The Weather,” which displays a stunning of socially aware lyricism and urgency on the mic. He also announced the release date of his upcoming project, “Dragonfly,” which is slated to drop on July 16. However, Jones raised the bar for himself even higher with the recent release of the lead single off that project, “Pluto.”

The instrumental, produced by banksthegenius, is somber and tranquil. The synths lay a nice foundation while the guitars hanging in the background add a subtle sense of color. The jazzy percussion carries the instrumental forward at a steady pace. There’s something about this beat that makes you want to look inward, which is why it serves as the perfect background for Jones on here.

Lyrically, Jones is in full storytelling mode. Immediately in the first verse, he delves into a situation where he and his mothers’ home was foreclosed on and they are once again searching for a new home here in the city. He speaks on all of the obstacles that stand in his way, yet he refuses to lose his sense of self through whatever obstacles stand in his way. There is a sense of optimism from “Under The Weather” that carries over onto this new song. For Jones, it doesn’t matter where you come from or where you started. It’s what you do with the hand you are dealt that truly matters — And this new single serves as a strong testament to that.

Pluto” is now available on all platforms, and can be streamed on Youtube by clicking on the link above.


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