RhymSter Shows off his Versatility on “Ghost (remix)’

Patience and persistence. These are two virtues that Chicago mainstay RhymSter has used to guide himself throughout the duration of his career in the local underground. And with the release of his new single, “Ghost (remix),” these two guiding principles appear to be serving him well.

RhymSter took the original cut of this track, which was done by Jaden Smith, and breathed new life into it. The instrumental has a dark and creepy vibe. Though it has a hazy, almost lo-fi aesthetic to it, it possesses a driving sense of energy that RhymSter uses to his advantage.

Lyrically, RhymSter murked this beat with his usual clever wordplay and easygoing sense of charisma. He exudes the confidence of the seasoned veteran that he is as he drops lyrical bomb after lyrical bomb with ease.

RhymSter’s flow and delivery are nuts on this song. He shows a full arsenal of flows, switching it up in the middle of his verse repeatedly. Though he mostly delivers his bars in the lower register of his voice, RhymSter plays with vocal his inflections all throughout his verse, showing that he’s thinking about a lot more than just reciting lyrics over a microphone when he’s in the booth.

RhymSter has been a lyrical heavyweight in Chicago’s scene for quite some time now. However, what really sets him apart from a lot of other artists is his versatility. RhymSter is just as happy to tear a trap beat apart as he is to murk a 90’s sounding boombap beat.

Whatever the occasion calls for, you can almost certainly bet on the fact that RhymSter will be doing his thing with ease.

“Ghost (remix)” is available now on Soundcloud.


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