Neak Releases Hip Hop Masterpiece ‘KWESBAAR’

I barely got a taste of Neak back in 2017 when I wrote about his self produced track B.M.P. It was a journal entry into the current (and still prevalent) dysfunctional behavior in race relations, stacked behind his impressive Dilla-esq jazzy instrumentation. Still, nothing could prepare me for his unbelievable new album KWESBAAR.

Every note, every word, every scratch, every detail is absolute perfection. It is a full, timely, complex, thoughtful, contemplative, personal piece that is completely self produced. The project serves as a landscape of his life, a classroom moving from his current consciousness to the next. Almost like a therapy session from within, he works through his greatest insecurities, agonizing internal fears, and trials and tribulations of all walks of life.

Neak is similar to a conductor, using elements of hip-hop, jazz, soul, funk, retro, and live instrumentation from skillful musicians; often playing them himself. Wholesome features come from the likes of Rashid Hadee, GLC, Rita J and more, completing what is nothing short of a masterpiece.

Stream on Apple Music here.

Stream on Tidal here.


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