Chicago’s Neak Delves Into Race Relations In Self Produced Record “B.M.P”

Some soul-heavy hip hop was needed this morning – and I have Chicago’s Neak to thank. His newest self produced cut B.M.P. is his journal entry into the current dysfunctional behavior in race relations. The impressive Dilla-esq, jazzy instrumental serves as a back drop for Neak to poetically address racial tensions in U.S. culture, his conflicted political views, and where he stands among the drivers of mainstream music culture. B.M.P. is an an acronym that stands for “Black Male Plight,” a thematic plight into the record. It’s easy to hear Neak’s passion in his expression of these subjects, and his dillagence to providing the appropriate backdrop to deliver these personal sentiments.

His next solo effort, “KWESBAAR,” will be released in early 2018 with Chicago artist, producer, and personal mentor Rashid Hadee overseeing the LP as well as mixing and mastering the project. You can stream B.M.P. on all streaming platforms.