It’s rare to feel so close to an artist after listening to their debut album, but Seattle based vocalist Ellis Prescott has done it. He was directing music videos for TownENT before he stepped into the limelight and started his own career in music. Ellis has become the definition of artistry, most notably on the complex yet emotional ride that is In Love With Heartbreak. His debut gives us access to the depths of his soul, heart, and mind while still remaining humble, honest and vulnerable. Of course no one loves heartbreak, but the title is a perfect encapsulation of the 10 tracks you will experience.

If you still aren’t convinced to give In Love With Heartbreak a try, a shortcut has been provided above. Ellis recently dropped a visual for one of the best tracks on the album titled Heartbreak Angel. Ellis and the TownENT team truly outdid themselves. Its overall visual simplicity creates an open invitation to focus on its colors, angles, recurring images, and Ellis’ body language. Both album and video are exceptional and are more than worth your time.

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