Lonely Together’s Debut Album ‘Neverlost’ is An ESSENTIAL Listen for All That Enjoy Music

Neverlost by Lonely Together is a perfect example of why I started flowsfordays. Looking at their SoundCloud page actually makes me furious and incredibly confused. How can such an AMAZING, TALENTED, UNIQUE and HARDWORKING group have under 100 followers and low play counts? The duo of ZAK & Rosie AKA Lonely Together have been putting out incredible genre-bending music for over a year now. I used to post ZAK as a solo artist, but through his personal journey and realizations he decided to start over and team up with his partner to make the music he’s always wanted to.

Rosie and ZAK have totally different musical backgrounds. Rosie has been trained in piano and played trombone throughout high school, while ZAK has no formal training. He learned about music through YouTube and constantly being in in-home studios with friends, producers, and engineers. There is a silver lining here. It is their differences that make their music so inventive and engaging. After spending the last year or so locked in their in-home studio, they have finally released a full length project that displays all that they can accomplish together.

Neverlost is inspired by ZAK’s tumultuous start in music through instrumentals, vocals, expressions, harmonies, and the best production I’ve heard in such a long time. Miraculously enough, both ZAK and Rosie taught themselves how to produce a short time ago. I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to listen to this in full not only as someone that loves music, but as a human being living in this world.

Ruby Tuesday provides gorgeous vocals on No VVS, and the opening track features Riggs Mischke on the electric guitar. It will blow you away. Support these guys by following them on SoundCloud, Instagram and add Neverlost to your favorite streaming platform here. Also – peep their dope site here.


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