Chicago Mainstays Josi Green and Plainro Drop a Bonafide Classic In New EP ‘Closure’

Trust me when I say that Josi Green & Plainro’s new EP Closure is a true highlight of 2019. If you’ve been paying attention at all to Chicago hip hop you know that Josi has a stronghold on the R&B tip while Plainro can rap, produce, and sing in the vein of Anderson .Paak. Take both talents and add incredible production from the likes of FFD OG The 25th Hour, Melrose Garfield, and Aaron Deux, and we’ve got a Chicago classic on our hands.

Josi, Plainro, and producers alike execute the concept of Closure through strong sequencing tactics, telling the story of a love interest who is confusing, selfish, and playing Josi in more ways then one. She refuses to give Josi closure or a clear answer on what she wants while messing around with other guys. The EP is tastefully done, and as such, shows that women can be just as savage as men. Skits from the classic Love Jones movie are dispersed throughout, adding depth and relate-ability. Please don’t sleep and stream on your favorite platform here.


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