Charles DaBeast, Mikey 100K, and Swift Drop Insanely Addictive Collaboration ‘SUMTHIN’

Who says previously recorded tracks can’t bang now? Charles DaBeast has had a fruitful career garnering thousands of supporters, creating trap and R&B fused gems. Last year’s project Thoughts That Roam  was his best work yet, but it was just the beginning. This year Charles bodied Young Thug’s Digits AND Meek Mill and Drake’s Platinum hit Going Bad.

Yesterday Charles decided to let loose a track he recorded with his friends 2 years ago. SUMTHIN is incredibly addictive as Charles, Mikey 100K, and Swift take on GALLASIA’s beat with flair. They all have a great delivery using distorted vocals and calculated flows. The track is about drinking and partying yet still manages to be a kick back anthem that fans will gobble up. Get in tune above or stream on your favorite platform here.


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