A Broke Ass White Boy Displays Overwhelming Talent on New Instrumental Album ‘A Beat Is Worth A Thousand Words’

I love playing instrumental projects on Saturdays. I wake up and immediately make coffee, sit down, and either read music editorials or do some work while soaking in the sounds. When the sun is starting to go down in the afternoon, and I’m on my 4th cup of coffee, I’m in the mood for some soulful beats, samples, horns, trumpets, and perhaps a bit of experimentation.

I was overjoyed that the ever talented Jay Wonder sent me his friend’s beat tape today. I cringe using that phrase because A Beat is Worth a Thousand Words has depth, creativity, and complexity just like an album of any genre. Broke Ass White Boy shows that he has the talent of 4 producers in one throughout the tight 14 tracks. In a full listen you will feel joy, inspiration, hope, confusion, and every emotion you’ve needed to face. Track by track descriptions have no place here. Please support the hard work he has put in by buying the album on BandCamp.


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