All Layers of Musa Reems Are Shown On His Deeply Moving New Track ‘Dear Winter’

Musa Reems has had an amazing 2019. From his Quietus music video to his flawless 2 track EP to his performance at the Talib Kweli/Bun B birthday showcase, the young Chicago native continues to impress. His latest track, Dear Winter, might just be my favorite of his work this year. The 2 minute track is a deeply moving piece that has Musa rapping in a strained high pitch voice completely matching the desperation in his lyrics. You can find my favorite below:

‘feelings that’s pent up, there’s many pretenders, and few are the real I see plenty surrender…

All layers of Musa are shown as we learn about his earlier years, his fears, and his ability to bring such depth and meaning in such a short amount of airtime. Othello brought the best out of Musa through his soulful, complex, and layered instrumental. This guy knows what he’s doing behind the boards and shows qualities of some of the most influential producers in hip hop history.

Stream Dear Winter on your favorite platform here. 


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