Free The Optimus Makes Carolina Proud In ‘Asheville Downtown Live’ Performance

I started posting Free The Optimus’ music last February off the strength of Catacombs, a peaceful, yet visually striking music video directed by Andrew Anderson. Optimus starred in Catacombs, walking through forests, but ripping it on the mic. As the submission’s flew by, I noticed how much he had improved on his already undeniable talent as an MC. Almost 2 years later, and Free The Optimus has released a full length live album while performing in front of 3000 people in Asheville, North Carolina. If you listen to any project of his you’ll know he reps his place of birth like no other. It was only right he added ‘Carolina Proud’ to his set.

Andrew Anderson was once again behind the lens, capturing Optimus’ undeniable stage presence and the diversity among the crowd. You can name your price on the live album below via BandCamp.