Gold Haze Proves His Worth On Exceptional LP ‘Never Forget’

It was back in February when Gold Haze made his debut on FFD. Previous contributor Brittney Carter spoke highly of the MC/producer’s latest visual:

Gold Haze has what every artist desires to posses. Longevity.

Haze has not only proven he’s here to stay, but put together one of the most noteworthy projects this side of 2018. Never Forget is, without question, a personal project. In a world of short, substanceless EPs, Haze has taken the latter route; using lush (mostly) self production, well thought out lyrics, and solid features for this 11 track LP. These include Khaliyah X, Adam, Ro Marsalis, & Josi.

Each song has its place, so pay attention. Don’t Forget reminds me of Good Kid m.a.a.d city…telling a story through distinct songs. Haze has a unique flow, often stutter stepping throughout the instrumentals. Regardless, it’s all on point, and impossible to not appreciate.

Family. Deception. Love. Fear. You’ll find it all. Solid work from a young man that has only begun to scratch the surface.