French Producer Terem Exceeds Expectations In New EP ‘Intuition In The Keys’ (Review)

A few days ago I wrote about Terem, an eccentric, yet powerful French producer who dug deep into my soul off of one track. Interestingly enough, Look On The Bright Side was a pure instrumental. Although there were no vocals, the record brought into mind the importance of gratitude – even in dark times.

Terem’s full length, Intuition In the Keys, is finally here and exceeded my expectations. The intro track Intuitive Flow was just as contemplative as LONBS, with a smooth base that cuts off with stutter steps. Terem reminds us that there will always be ups and downs in life, and to expect otherwise will bring disappointment and pain. Elements of hip hop are dispersed throughout the project, most prominent in Breathe and Stop. DJ inspired cuts break through the smooth instrumental, represented by warped vocals. A favorite of mine is Stream of Learning, a masterful module of piano vibes, neck snapping drums and synths.

Terem ends with Let It Go, a track full of space, atmosphere, and a chance to contemplate. Highly recommended!