Terem Shares The Importance Of Gratitude In Jazzy Instrumental ‘Look on the Bright Side’

Music has no bounds, and no limitations. It is free-flowing; an expression of anything the artist desires. Instrumental submissions have hit my inbox from time to time, and I usually praise them with just as many words as a vocal track. Look on the Bright Side, a new instrumental from artist extraordinaire  Terem, did not spark my critical mind. The song’s carefree, yet spontaneous instrumental was only felt and enjoyed.

Yes, Look on the Bright Side is filled with key elements of jazz and avant-garde, but it also finds a way to evoke memories of yesteryear without a single word. Although the country is at a very low point and spirits are down, Terem teaches us that there is much to be appreciated and thankful for. Perhaps 2018’s silver lining is realizing the importance of gratitude. Look on the Bright Side serves as the lead single from Terem’s upcoming solo instrumental project Intuition In The Keys.

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