LA Group FREE Party Continue To Impress With New Single ‘Roller Coaster’ (HEAVY CO-SIGN)

On the 4th edition of my ‘Catching Up On Submissions’ series, I praised a duo out of LA called FREE Party. They submitted their debut track, Alady, which I went on to say was fucking amazing. Not only was the song dope, but their entire approach to music intrigued me. Another submission has come through in the form of their second track, Roller Coaster. Roller Coaster is different than their debut in that it talks about tumultuous relationship and common ups and downs. But the group’s inventiveness is still there, incorporating gorgeous vocals, vulnerability, and their best songwriting yet.

Again, I am flabbergasted at how many times Roller Coaster has been played. 381 streams? (as of now). Come on!! Step your game up SoundCloud users.

Play on all streaming sites here.