Vince Verza & Sherpa Quietly Drop One Of The Best Chicago Collabs Of The Year

Sherpa was first brought to my attention this March as a submission to his incredible beat tape. Sherpa’s instrumentals were dynamic, and a breath of fresh air in innovation. I recently opened up another submission, and saw Sherpa’s name in the mix. I immediately pressed play, the anticipation building as if I was about to hear a new Nas track. Of course, Sherpa didn’t disappoint on Too Gold, but it was Vince Verza, the MC and vocalist, who held my attention the most.

Vince recently relocated from New York to Chicago for arts school. He goes to my alma mater Columbia College, and is already bringing much needed individualism into the city.

Too Gold is a beautiful, heart warming track that showcases his butter smooth flow, melodic principles, and non-aggressive approach. This serves him well, evoking one of his main influences, A Tribe Called Quest. Vince melds beautifully with the piano laced beat – his voice becoming an instrument in itself. I cannot wait to hear more from these two, separately, but hopefully together at least a few more times.