Tom Moore Drops Another Impressive Cut Off Upcoming Album ‘Can’t Sleep’

MF DOOM and Aesop Rock have die-hard fans, and if you’re a hip hop pursuit you’ll understand why. Check their catalogue, interviews, album reviews and the UGHH message boards and get back to me.

Tom Moore is a descendent, or perhaps a disciple, of what DOOM, Aesop, and the “underground” stand for. Last week, after a year-long hiatus, Tom gave us a taste of his upcoming album with single Can’t Sleep. The record was jam packed with erratic flows and dense bars – truly challenging whoever dared to listen.

His latest, Down Time, is the second single, and a remarkably easier listen. Make no mistake, his style, skills, and obscurity are far from compromised.

The fun comes in the short stabs of an unorthodox chorus which hits at un-predictable times. The highlight, as always with Tom, is the way he expresses what lays dormant in his head.

The song itself is just about how writing is really the only thing that has stayed consistent in my life. No matter what I’m going through, I can always write about it. So it’s just an ode to the fact that I can actually do something to combat the feeling of everything around me. – Tom Moore