Daylight Tone Drops Another Flawless Project In “What Would Daylight Do”

Back in January, Chicago’s Daylight Tone dropped one of the best projects of the year – and it just happened to be his debut. I predicted he would be huge by the end of the year which I still stand by. If anything, my confidence in him has only grown deeper thanks to his new EP What Would Daylight Do.

Not only has he crafted another killer project, he’s already showed progress in his songwriting skills, flow, and confidence in experimentation. He takes through us a 4 track audio experience that dives through 4 vivid dreams Tone has prior to waking up stranded in the desert. His tone and subject matter can switch at the drop of a hat, weaving in and out of the insane production from Banksthegenius. The MC flows effortlessly over his eclectic instrumentation that varies in sound, structure, and overall theme.

Make no mistake, Tone can still rap with the best of them. He talks about his love for Yeezus one moment, his sex life and love for women the next, then the dangers of Chicago, and the necessity of protecting oneself. He somehow made all of this sound catchy and melodic with high replay value. He’s two projects in, and there is not one flaw in his discography. Get in tune before it’s too late.