I’m Calling It Now – Daylight Tone Is Going To Be Huge Thanks To Debut LP “CTRL+ALT+DLT” (Artist Spotlight)

Daylight Tone is a newbie in releasing music – but there is a reason. Last month he dropped his first and only single in 100 (write up here) – an infectious blend of R&B, pop, and right on time rhymes. It came to my attention through FFD regular and producer Hanakatoba who made the beat for the track. I thought he was joking when he told me Tone had only been rapping for a few months (at the time of the release.)

Luckily for me (and our readers) Tone has dropped his first full-length in CTRL+ALT+DLT. The project is a highlight of 2018, and even more impressive with his rookie status. It’s introduced by his mother who disapproves of his lifestyle and the trouble he’s been getting into. 10 tracks later you’ll know the ins and outs of why she’s upset with his actions. More important is his display of struggles AND perseverance. Yes, Daylight has made a few bad choices – but it is often spurred by women doing him wrong, penitentiary chances, and foul play amongst friends.

The production is flawless on CTRL+ALT+DLT with contributions from Johnny JulianoKeelowbeatz, 2001 GothStarCasey808Hanakatoba, and banksthegenius. Each adds a unique sound to the project which keeps it diverse. Johnny provides upbeat vibes with Pull Up, 2001 Goth Star’s adds echoey 808’s in A Mess, and an INCREDIBLE performance comes from banksthegenius. banksthegenius was my favorite discovery of 2017 due to his unbelievable skills behind the boards and an insane work ethic. I didn’t think it was possible, but these instrumentals are richer than any work he’s done – with cinematic elements that bring out the best in Daylight Tone.

Tone stays rugged in CTRL+ALT+DLT as a means of survival, but can also throw out R&B jams with compact rhymes. Dude is a triple threat with bar for bar skills, airy vocals, and his ability to craft full and dynamic records with choice producers. I cannot believe CTRL+ALT+DLT  is his first mixtape – and have no doubt he’ll turn heads as long as he keeps working and progressing. Big ups to you Tone.


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