Skipp Whitman Drops ‘NameTag’, His Most Intimate Visual To Date

Skipp Whitman is an OG around the FFD circuit, thanks to his dedication to crafting thematic and engaging visuals. I was waiting on a proper audio stream of them which we were blessed with this year. Skipp challenged himself on his new visual NameTag, which was written, produced, recorded, mixed, shot, and edited in one day – inside of 10 hours. I hope my readers are familiar with the sample – the bass line from Black Sheep’s “The Choice is Yours.”

Surprise, surprise, the Sebastian Ruiz directed music video is another artistic and personal portrayal of the man behind the mic. On camera he can be a a silly guy, able to bring me a few laughs with every submission. But if you truly listen to NameTag, you’ll learn that Skipp sees himself as “a different kind of person,” needing time alone, struggling with temp jobs, and finding motivation in daily life.

Don’t judge a book by its cover.