Barely 2 weeks have passed and Skipp Whitman has dropped another video for our viewing pleasure. He’s been teasing his tape UFSV#1 for months now through a strong visual campaign – and it’s finally here. UFSV#1 is a 13 track compilation which includes songs from previous videos and new material. Along with the tape we’ve been lucky enough to get a visual to one of the tracks, ESCALATOR MUSIC. Although the theme is on the nose, Skipp’s performance, Sebastian Ruiz’s directing skills, TEAMWORK’s animation, and the strong intro from Kianne Burks creates the necessary complexity. Skipp takes a reflective tone on the track and shows his softer side which I found refreshing.

We’ve been covering Skipp for some time now, and I had no idea he was compiling all his videos into a full length. I couldn’t be happier.