Slowlife Tito Shares Growth & Self Confidence In New Track ‘Figures’

Milwaukee’s Slowlife Tito has learned to stay true to himself, and he’s ready to share it with the world. I’ve admired the fast talking rapper since I got in tune with his music via a submission.  After putting out an enormous catalog, Tito took the time to step away, rebrand, and grow as an artist.

After recently joining up with Marino, Tito has upped his game and found his place in the hip hop world. He dropped his debut project Br(e)aking Fast: The Legend of Tito Been Scummy back in January – showcasing his ability to construct full, thematic albums. 

His newest track, Figures, dives deep into his self-confidence, the importance of his stepping back, and a demonic flow that doesn’t cease. His energy level is up, his lyrics are complex, and the instrumental provided by Milwaukee producer Moon Aype doesn’t hurt the intensity of the track.

Starting April 1st, Tito decided to release a track every Friday along with a few visuals dispersed. This will continue until June, with hopes of building a loyal following and showcasing his hard work. He never stops recording and bettering himself and his music, and I couldn’t be happier for him. It’s obvious Tito is out for blood, and will continue to outwork any MC that crosses his path.

Stream Figures on Apple Music & catch up on his Friday releases below.