Milwaukee’s Slowlife Tito Drops His Galactical New Single “Past (Embalming)”

Milwaukee hip-hop is certainly on the come-up, as this year has seen the rise of MC’s such as Ishdarr, WebsterX, & Rob Hicks. Still, there are a host of talented artists’ out of the city who have yet to be discovered. One of the aforementioned happens to be Slowlife Tito, the former Scumbag who has changed his ways. Past (Embalming) is his newest single, and a huge step in maturity and growth. Producer Moon Aype provides a galactical, bare-bones beat that captures Slowlife’s off the tongue musings. He manages to spin gold out of repeated lyrics and a nonchalant delivery that stay catchy in their simplicity. It’s not all random – as Slowlife looks to “bring hope to the kids” and promises to stray away from the “pill popping” of today’s hip-hop. Past (Embaling) is the first of five singles he will release before his next tape drops in 2018.