flowsfordays Premiere: Nico $upremo – ‘City Kid’ (New EP)

Chicago’s very own Nico $upremo has an insane work ethic. He takes his craft seriously, and has steadily increased his social media presence and fan base. He’s been working hard on his debut EP City Kid, and is ready to share his story.

City Kid is a look inside the mind of the 20 year old artist who is quiet in person, but has a lot to say on the mic. Nico uses a lot of melody and droning to get his point across, and while it may be hard to fully grasp at first, play it over a few times. I guarantee you’ll learn something new about the youngin’,  and appreciate his honesty and experimentation.

This is only the beginning for Nico. Keep watch.

I got into music first, because I love music and it has always been an important part of my everyday life. But when it comes to making my own I wanted to share my story through my music and hopefully be able to help/inspire others through it along with take care of my family. – Nico $upremo