Wil Akogu + Colin McGinn – Star (Acoustic Performance)

Hip hop can be an aggressive genre. Bass heavy and vulgar music seems to be the trend of 2017, with xxxtentacion being the perfect example. His music has permeated music blogs, has broken streaming records, and is relentlessly talked about on social media.

There are few rappers who concentrate on using their music to empower. Instrumentation has become processed; purely computer generated. While this music has its time and place, it is refreshing to hear songs completely stripped down.

Chicago favorite Wil Akogu just released (and starred) in a video exploring the impact of pure rhyming. Working with Off Kilter, he was featured in a purely acoustic “workshop.” It was just him and Colin McGinn, who provided the chorus and guitar work. Wil performed a unreleased cut titled Star, which is all about the beauty of women.

Wil isn’t afraid to use different mediums to break boundaries; perfectly depicted by the video.