Alt-R&B Vocalist ZAK Reinvents Himself With New, Self Produced Single “Crucified’

Last May, Washington vocalist ZAK impressed me with his melodic single On The Line. I immediately hit him up for a dissection interview (remember those?) and it became clear that he absolutely loves making music.

ZAK has cleared out his previous releases on SoundCloud as the start of a new, fruitful career in music. 2018 is Zak 2.0, starting with his debut single Crucified. He continues to do alt R&B right, bringing heavy emotion into distorted auto-tone vocals. He shows his prowess as a new producer, singing over hard-hitting trap production with strong songwriting skills. ZAK calls out certain people in the game that he feels are falsely representing a life that they don’t actually live. He spreads the gospel of staying true to yourself and not letting your artistry be dictated by trends. Get ready for the new and improved ZAK.

I’m ready to start this new chapter of releases starting with Crucified. I have been songwriting for years, but it wasn’t until recently that I started producing my own music, and now that I have I feel like there’s no stoppin’ me. – ZAK