Chicago Songstress DEJA Is Back With Sultry New Track “Tempo” (Produced by Jared Lanell)

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from Chicago vocalist DEJA (formerly Dejavois) – over a year to be exact. Her then SoundCloud (now erased) contained Resolution and Invitation, two songs that were on endless repeat. Although she has a new moniker, her intimate and sultry singing is still there. Her newest track, Tempo, contains more soul and experimentation then ever before.

This is the ultimate bedroom banger with a warped and drum heavy beat from Jared Lanell. The track’s title is demonstrated throughout, as Jared increases the instrumental’s speed, effortlessly flowing into DEJA’s singing. The power in DEJA’s voice is undeniable even when she utlilizes light crooning. (Additional vocals were provided by Xone White. )

Tempo is the first drop on her new SoundCloud which already boasts over 250 followers. There is anticipation in the air for DEJA’s output this year, and I’m on the edge of my seat.