Dejavois Gives Us The Inside Scoop On Her Chilling New Track ‘Invitation’ (Dissection Interview Series)

We took a liking to Dejavois’ first single Invitation right away. It was a submission and we were so grateful to get it. We called it The Best Song You’ll Hear All Day and immediately added it to our year end list. We also called it “horror core, soulful, gritty trap shit” and that description still holds up since it dropped.

I wanted to learn more about her and the creation of the track….so we recently had a conversation to get some inside details. Check out the interview below, press play and get your free download. You won’t regret it.

Hey Deja, thanks for talking with us! So you just put out your first track on SoundCloud and it’s been doing great numbers! How does it feel?

I can’t believe it. I’m grateful people are actually listening. 

We posted the song right when it came out and it got so many retweets + shares. You seem to have an amazing amount of supporters. How did you build that following up?

Majority of the people were my homies. They’re very supportive. A lot of people were waiting for me to drop so when I did. They instantly shared it.

Songs about sex can be so overdone, but you came at it in a unique and darker way. How did you approach it? 

Honestly I didn’t intentionally write about sex. I feel like its how the listener perceives it and what they feel I’m talking about. 

The beat is by Noelz Vedere who I’ve been a fan of for some time now. How did you guys link up?

Noelz is like family. I met him through my homie Kodi about a year ago. We just clicked offback. 

Did you hear the beat first? What was the recording process like?

I came to the studio and Noelz was working on that beat. It was completely different from how it sounds now. But I started free styling on it and we went up from there. The recording process took months. I’m such a perfectionist. I just went in the studio and laid down references. 

You have it available for free download. Why did you decide to give it away?

Why not.

What’s coming next for you?

I’ll be releasing new music soon. I have other things in the works.

Any shout outs, last thoughts, or words of wisdom? 

2017 is Coldwind season. 

Thanks Deja and we wish you the best!