Skipp Whitman & Emmitt James Admire A Mysterious Woman in New Visual “El Aye”

Last month FFD favorite Skipp Whitman graced us with his new full-length UFSV#1. The project is a collection of the plethora of visuals he’s put out, and I’ve covered, in the last year. I am no stranger to his meticulously crafted music videos which get better and better with time. Yet another one has dropped titled El Aye off the aforementioned UFSV#1 project. Skipp has linked with frequent collaborator and videographer Sebastian Ruiz for his first black and white effort, which gave me a new appreciation for the tag team.

The visual was shot in Downtown LA, in and out of the city’s Subway and surroundings. Both Skipp and featured artist Emmitt James tell the story of chance encounters and admiration from varying distances. Melissa Vento stars as the mysterious and beautiful woman artistically depicted around the city. Both Skipp and Emmitt have different feelings and experiences with Melissa, making for a captivating story and mini-movie.

Stream UFSV#1 on Spotify below